Wang & Liu v State of New South Wales [2011] NSWCA 321


23. Appeals from the Supreme Court in a Division are against a “judgment or order” : s 101(1) Supreme Court Act 1970 . A ” judgment or order ” in this context means an operative judicial act, ie the formal judgment or order which when entered is binding on the parties and definitive of legal rights: Driclad Pty Ltd v Federal Commissioner of Taxation (1968) 121 CLR 45 at 64; Lake v Lake [1955] P 336 at 343; Moller v Roy (1975) 132 CLR 622 at 625, 632, 639; Universal Tape Wholesalers Pty Ltd v AMP Fire and General Insurance Co Ltd (NSWCA, 8 March 1991, unreported); Legal Practitioners Complaints Committee v A Practitioner (1987) 46 SASR 126 at 127; Johnston v Nationwide News Pty Ltd [2005] NSWCA 17; (2005) 62 NSWLR 309 at [30], [39]; Ah Toy v Registrar of Companies (1985) 10 FCR 280 at 285-6. While error in a judgment or order might be demonstrated on an appeal by showing error in a judge’s reasons for judgment, the appeal is against the judgment or order, not the reasons for judgment: Driclad at 64; Lake v Lake at 344; Ah Toy at 286.


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